1) Rural multipurpose Resource centre :

This centre will provide access to rural unemployed youth and women on life skill education, vocational trainings, leadership trainings, short summer courses, sanitation camps, demonstrations etc, throughout the year.

2) Organic farming Resource centre:

This centre will provide trainings and information for small and marginal farmers, schools, colleges and NGOs on organic farming, production of organic manure and vermi compost, organic pesticides, pancha-kavya, Material cultivation of green fodder etc.

3) Mater and child Health centre:

This centres will be a resource centre for mother and children and adolescent girls on reproductive Health education, services of ANC, NC, and PNC, immunization and vaccination of child etc.

4) Resource centre for the differently abled:

This centre will be rehabilitative and preventive service centre for the differently abled children and youth. It also will provide disability aids to the differently abled free of cost. It will provide skill trainings for sustainable livelihood of the differently abled.

5) Naturopathy and yoga resource centre:

This centre will provide trainings for target community on naturopathy health practices. Yoga and meditation. It will also provide education on natural food and plant based food for healthy life.

6) Community college for rural youth:

This centre will impart technical education on job oriented trades for the poor boys and girls who are unable to pursue college education and higher education.

7) Home for orphan and abandoned aged:

This home will provide nutritious food, medical care and comfortable shelter to the orphan and abandoned elderly persons with physical, psychological and emotional care.

8) Integrated nutrition centre for PLWHA:

This nutrition centre will provide nutrition package for PLWHA’s who take ART medicines to ensure palliative care of the PLWHA. It will be a nutrition production centre using mini millets, pulses and grams.


Target People:

Funding Source:

1. Women and Child
2. Rural and Urban poor
3. Youth and Adolescent Girl
4. Small and Marginal farmer
5. HIV / AIDS Affected persons
6. School Students
7. Agricultural Labour
8. Disability
9. Adolescent Girl
10. Dhalith People
1. Nabard
2. Ministry of Environment & Forest
3. Mahalir Thittam
4. Ministry of Micro Small & Medium
6. School Students
7. Local Contribution