1) Denial of stigma and Discrimination:

VEAD implemented the above project for three years in Kulithalai block with the financial assistance from Elton John Aids Foundation, UK and Tamil Nadu voluntary Health Association (TNVHA), Chennai. The women, men, youth and school children were created awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention, prevention of social stigma and reduction of discrimination attached to PLWHA through a series of sensitization camps and trainings. During the three years of project period 56 HIV infected men, women and children were identified, 25 per educators were identified and trained who are involved in taking up the follow-up program. The HIV positives are referred to govt. hospital in Kulithalai Karur and Trichy to avail ART medicine and nutrition package.

2) Multimedia campaign of HIV/AIDS in Kulithalai Block:

VEAD with the financial assistance of APAC project, Chennai, conducted a multimedia campaign in Kulithalai block of Karur district. This multimedia campaign included street theatre, folk dance, folk songs, sports competitions for rural youth etc., The right ranga Event through APAC AIDS awareness exhibited van was involved in campaigning among the rural people. This multimedia campaign enabled to generate a mass awareness in the target area on HIV/AIDS, prevention of stigma, reduction of discrimination etc.

3) National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC):

The NEAC programme funded by the ministry of Environment & Forest, govt of India played a powerful role in educating the target groups on environment protection and development in the target area every year on different themes such as solid waste management, Bio-Diversity conservation, climate change and forest for sustainable livelihood. The rural youth, SHGs women, farmers and school children benefited from the NEAC campaign events. The NEAC has two major components namely Awareness and Action component. VEAD has planted more than 1500 tree saplings in Kulithalai block through school students.

4) Socio-Economic Empowerment of Rural women:

VEAD has promoted 575 women SHGs with a Total membership of 7475 in Kulithalai and krishnarayapuram blocks of Karur district and Anthanallur block of trichy district. VEAD has supported the women SHGs members to avail loan of Rs.8,00,00,000(Rupees Eight cores) through direct bank linkages towards various IGP activities such as of goat rearing, mini dairy units, sheep rearing, bricks making, vermi compost production unit etc. Indeed, the loan programme, enabled the women SHGs member to start income generating micro enterprises and played a vital role in relieving them from the exploitative clutches of greedy private money lenders. The women could be able to educate their children preventing drop out from school. The socio-economic status of the women has increased at home as well as in the society.